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2,4-Dinitrophenolhydrazine Disposal

2,4-Dinitrophenolhydrazine, or 2,4-DNP, sometimes called DNPH or Brady’s Reagent has recently been re-classified as Explosive, which it is when dry. This has caused many users and holders of this common reagent to inspect their stocks, and to review its risk in the light of the new information.

Labwaste Ltd have been safely and successfully re-hydrating and making this, and other shock and friction sensitive materials safe for storage and/or properly licensed transport for disposal for years, as a part of our nationwide waste disposal service.

If you have discovered unstable material, and you would like advice and/or a quote for disposal, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We provide a 24-hour helpline, and out of hours rehydration and disposal if required to minimise disruption. Please see our website www.labwaste.co.uk for more details, call us on 01455 616673, or e-mail our chemists at sales@labwaste.co.uk

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