The Languagenut nut!


Dear Language Coordinator,

Happy new year! And welcome to, the new primary schools language resource centre that has:

  • 1000s of words and phrases in French, Spanish and German
  • All vocab presented through interactive and effective games
  • All vocab and games supported with sound files recorded by native speakers

Made by language teachers, works brilliantly with interactive whiteboards for whole class learning, in the ICT suite for independent work, and also for homework as your classes can access the site at home.

Languagenut supports years 3 - 6, units 1 - 24 of the primary languages scheme of work and so gives you loads of resources, all clearly presented and structured to make it really easy to use.

One subscription gives your whole school access to the entire site - all languages, all years. It is a great support for specialists and teachers who have little experience of languages.

Take a look now! We are offering you a 2 week free tryout so that you can show your colleagues and trial languagenut in the classroom. Just click on the link below and register, and you will be using the site in 2 minutes.

As part of our launch we are offering an amazing deal. If 10% of primary schools from your LA subscribe before the end of January each will pay half price for the year! That's only £40, so do forward this email to your network of schools.

Wishing you all the best in the coming year.

Jamie and the languagenut team

Free tryout: - 19 TheTwitten, Ditchling, East Sussex, BN6 8UJ.