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The size of the problem
Leasing Advisory ServiceDid you see the BBC Panorama programme on the school leasing scandal on the 24TH September?  It has lifted the problems of schools being overcharged for leases of capital equipment to the surface.  In fact, it really is the tip of the ice-berg, with an estimated 35-45% of schools being overcharged, over sold, over promised and ending up with horrendous financial burdens.  Is your school one of them? In spite of all your due diligence, the method used by some salesmen makes it very difficult to uncover the depth of the problems and the potential savings that you could be entitled to.

We have the solution
that will give you and your school governors total peace of mind and ensure that you have received fair and reasonable leases for all your school equipment.  We will provide a full Forensic Audit on all your leases, in total confidence, and at no cost to your school.

Why should you have all your leases checked as soon as possible?
Because:         •  You may have been substantially overcharged
                        •  You may be paying too much each month / quarter
                        •  You may have been charged secret commission and fees
                        •  You may be unaware of other legal irregularities
                        •  You may have been deliberately oversold ‘free’ offers
                        •  You may be able to have the leases written off, receive a refund
                            and keep the equipment or a combination of all three!!
And finally – because our audits for your school are free of cost and in total confidence, you have nothing to lose to gain peace of mind.

Leasing Advisory ServiceWho are we? - The Leasing Advisory Service
-  Foremost experts in the market, working with the BBC and the Times
    Educational Supplement
-  Two years of robust and tested research.
-  Established legal arguments confirmed by leading Queen’s Counsel and
backed exclusively by  ‘After the Event Insurance’.
-  Proven success in challenging leases, winning cases and saving thousands of pounds.

Please look at our website www.leasingadvisoryservice.com to see what we do, how we do it and look at the Panorama link, our BBC Radio 5 podcast and our press releases.

What should you do? 
Take action now to discover if you have been overcharged for all your leases.  Our Forensic Audit Service is totally free, given in confidence and all our cases are conducted on a No Win – No Fee basis and you will never be liable for any costs.

Contact me direct by phone or email for a brochure and more information on how to achieve peace of mind for your school.

Bill Loryman – The Leasing Consultancy
Tel: 01327 340 408 or Freephone 0800 3583538

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