Love Productions

Dear Headteacher

I work for a BAFTA Award winning television production company called Love Productions ( We are in the early stages of making a brand new, primetime documentary series for ITV1 about neighbourliness and we are currently looking for people to take part.

We would love to share news of this opportunity with parents and school staff who reside in London and are therefore getting in touch to spread the word.

London, the biggest city in Europe, is notorious for being a city of strangers. According to a report published by the Eden Project, only one in ten Londoners count their neighbours as their friends. The community spirit of days gone by is slowly but surely eroding. We believe that this is detrimental to British society and that building a stronger sense of community again would be of benefit to everyone.

What’s the series?
This new series aims to build friendships, goodwill and understanding between people who live practically next door to each other, but know nothing about each other’s lives, often not even each other’s names. We will do this by offering the people we film with the opportunity to gain a real insight into each other’s lives. Over the course of the series they will get to know each other and see from different perspectives the things that unite us all: family relationships, the pressures of work, what makes us happy and what makes us sad.

If you feel it is appropriate, we would be very grateful if you could circulate this letter along with the attached literature about the series to parents and staff on our behalf.

If you would like to find out more about this pioneering television series, please get in touch with the team. There’s no obligation for those who contact us to take part and we would love to hear from you.

Yours faithfully,

Zyreeta Abadji
Assistant Producer

Love Productions | 43 Eagle Street, London, WC1R 4AT
Main: 020 7067 4820
Direct: 020 7067 4855