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Controlling Costs

Dear Headteacher / Bursar

You don't need me to tell you that as each year goes by, there are ever greater demands on limited financial resources. Today, for Schools and Colleges, control of costs is more important than ever.

At MBS, we specialise in cost reduction. In areas as diverse as Office Supplies, Utilities, Computer Consumables, and Telecoms, we typically deliver between 22 and 34% reduction in costs to our clients. Reference sites include Schools, Colleges, Solicitors, Hotels and Leisure Centres.

Our many years experience within the procurement industries give a network of contacts into the business community to ensure market leading supplier sourcing.

Our service includes:

  • A tailored supplier sourcing package to meet your specific procurement requirements
  • Analysis reports that compare current suppliers to alternative providers recommending the most appropriate courses of action
  • Access to market leading business suppliers at discounted prices and superior levels of customer service - from office supplies to telecoms, utilities to motor vehicles and even complete departmental outsourcing
  • Supplier monitoring to ensure service levels are maintained

We are only paid if we save you money – our fee is taken as a percentage of the first year’s savings. This means that your initial engagement with us will cost you nothing. You only pay when we have reduced your costs.

Our website has further details of the diverse areas of spending we deal with. What would 22% a year in one or more of these areas equate to? How much help would that be in balancing your budget?

If you would like to discuss the above further, and explore ways we may be able to help you cut your overheads, please contact me using the details below.



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