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Education Essentials – Gifted & Talented Series
Issue 3 - Informed Leading Teachers and Issue 4 - Informed Parent and Carer

Written by experts, drawing on best evidence and thinking in the field, Education Essentials provides a succinct and reliable pocket digest of important current issues in education. Written clearly and concisely, each Education Essentials includes clear explanations of key terms, a glossary and signposts to further information.


Education Essentials Issue 3
Able, Gifted & Talented for the
Informed Leading Teacher

essentials 001.jpgAn essential guide to the newly created role of Leading Teacher for G&T Education, giving a ‘starter kit’ to what the role entails, how a LT can develop their own  expertise, supporting colleagues, highlighting key issues with further information about resources and training

Education Essentials Issue 4
Able, Gifted & Talented for the
Informed Parent and Carer

Front cover Essentials Supporting Children.jpgAn essential guide to how schools and parents and carers can work together in the best interests of an able and talented child, including advice about supporting children's learning and their overall development and wellbeing. Contains up to date information on what is happening nationally and in schools to meet the needs of our most able children, plus further sources of help and information.

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Able, Gifted & Talented for the Informed School Governor  - SOLD OUT Reprinting
Able, Gifted & Talented for the Informed Beginning Teacher - SOLD OUT Reprinting

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