This Seminar Reveals:

6 Important Things You Must Know Before You Undertake or Commission Any Physical Intervention / Restraint Training

This is an essential event to help you choose physical intervention training that is legally, medically and health and safety compliant that will reduce your liability.

Dear Head-teacher

Don't be taken for a ride!

The ‘world of physical intervention’ is awash with incorrect information. This means that much of the advice, guidance and recommendations that you may have been given are legally incorrect and not health & safety compliant.

This leaves you, your staff and the children in your school at risk, and yourself vulnerable to being sued for negligence, prosecuted for a breach of health & safety and even prosecuted for Corporate Manslaughter, should someone die in your care as a result of a physical intervention going wrong.
For example:

  1. Schools are commissioning training, based on it being BILD Accredited. Yet BILD Accreditation isn’t an Awarding Body Approved or Government endorsed accreditation, and we have copies of all of the correspondence to prove it, which we will give to you.
  2. Techniques are still being taught by training providers that were ‘outlawed’ years ago by Government and Coroner’s recommendations. If you have commissioned training that includes these techniques then you become liable for the training.

  3. Ofsted inspectors are actually making recommendations that are legally wrong because they only get 2.5 – 3.5 hours training on the use of force, which isn’t assessed or tested! Yet if you implement these and someone gets injured or killed then you are held accountable! (We can provide you with copies of correspondence, which we obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, to prove it).
  4. Schools are still being ‘encouraged’ to use the training that the local LEA recommends. But the Secretary of State for Schools has stated to us that: ..... schools now have the autonomy to make their own decisions on which service is most appropriate for them. Ministers believe that head-teachers and their immediate colleagues are best placed to determine what training is appropriate for their staff." Therefore it is your responsibility to make sure that the training and the system of restraint you use is fit for purpose.
  5. Physical intervention is a manual handling activity yet many techniques
      breach the manual handling regulations because no manual handling risk assessment exists to underpin the training.
  6. Staff are still being taught to intervene on their own – this is a ‘lone working activity’ as defined by health and safety legislation and if a child or a member of staff gets hurt, you are liable.
  7. ………..and there is much more you should know that we are going to tell you about on the 26th June 2014.

The fact is, any or all of the above, put you in the firing-line should someone become seriously injured or killed as a result of a physical intervention going wrong because the system being used is not legally, medically or health and safety compliant.

My professional advice to you is this: "do not get taken for a ride – because it could be a costly one and even end up with a prison sentence for you!"

That is why this seminar that we are hosting on the 26th June at The Lilleshall National Sports Centre will be so important to you.

Date: 26th June 2014

Venue: Lilleshall National Sports Centre, near Telford Shropshire. TF10 9AT

Cost: Only £147.00 + vat per person.

We have lined up some really great speakers for you to listen to on this day including:

  • A lawyer who has advised numerous bodies on the use of force and physical interventions and has been instructed as an expert witness, both in the UK and in other countries, in more than 3,000 cases involving restraint-related injuries and deaths;
  • One of the Government’s preferred medical experts in relation to the medical implications of use of force training programmes Home Office Approved Medical Professional whose services are regularly sought after in high-profile cases of restraint related death, such as the Gareth Myatt case, where his recommendations led to the removal of certain techniques that are now banned for use with children and young people in schools, and care homes;
  • And a very experienced Health & Safety Professional in the Criminal Justice system who paved the way for training to be designed and delivered that was more 'fit for purpose' than simply buying in 'off the shelf packages' on the basis that they were simply 'approved' by someone.

So, Why Attend?

By attending you will definitely leave much more knowledgeable (and less liable) than before you arrived – and we are also going to be giving you lots of resources to take away with you too – in fact one piece of information that I am going to give you, actually cost me more than the price of a place on this seminar event!

Great CPD Day

On this day we are going to remove the 'grey-areas' that exist which are in turn compounded by the large amount of wrong advice, misinformation, myths and misconceptions that abound, in relation to the use of force.

This is a real investment and excellent CPD for those of you who require this and we will be issuing certificates of attendance on the day.

I’d love you to be there and, if I am being honest, you owe it to yourself, the children in your care and your staff to attend this event.

What To Do Next

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There is One Limitation!

The only drawback is that the lecture theatre is limited to a finite number of people and once that is filled that will be it.

It has also been very hard getting these eminent people all together on this one day, so it is unlikely that this event will happen again.

Therefore, if you would like to attend, book your place now by going to:

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We hope that the above has been of interest to you and we look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards

Mark Dawes
Director, NFPS Ltd.
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