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September 2013

Dear School,

Choose a non-fiction author to visit your school this year

Your school may have had a visit from a fiction author or a poet, but have you had a visit from a non-fiction author?

A non-fiction author visit is different and exciting. It offers an 'adventure in the real world' that boosts literacy and inspires reluctant readers (especially boys) with interesting subject matter. Experienced authors also guide children in the key skills of research, teamwork, negotiation, and co-operative learning.

How to book a non-fiction author
Have a look at the list of non-fiction authors below, then contact the author of your choice and go from there. Please note that most authors are willing to travel throughout the UK.

For a summary of sessions offered by an author, click their name to see their page at
Author Location Tel Email Website
Ian Douglas Nottingham 07596 089634
Susie Hodge Essex 01702 344117
John Malam Cheshire 01606 863540
Rupert Matthews Surrey 01737 356197
Steve Parker East Anglia 01379 678991
Richard Platt Kent 01892 890624
John Townsend Worcestershire 01886 884397
Ruth Walton Wiltshire 07815 800502

Key dates for author visits during the coming months:

  • Children's Book Week: 7th - 14th October
  • National Non-Fiction Day: 7th November
  • World Book Day LogoWorld Book Day: Thursday 6th March

We hope you find this contact list of interest, and look forward
to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

John Malam
(on behalf of the authors named here)

Book now for World Book Day - 6th March 2014

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