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Dear Head of Careers

Would your students benefit from a talk from a Barrister?

There is undoubtedly a huge pool of talent within our schools. But many students may be unaware of the career opportunities which the Bar can offer.

We are therefore delighted to invite your school to take part in its Speakers Up for Others Scheme. There would be no cost for your school as barristers participate in this scheme on a voluntary basis.

We aim to put you in touch with a barrister within your local area to visit your school to give a talk about the profession, its training requirements, and day-to-day life as a barrister.

If you would like to register your School you need to email the following:

  • Name of contact/teacher
  • The schools’ name & full address
  • Telephone number
  • Indicate if school is a “state” or “private”

Please find attached an information sheet on how the scheme is run, along with our careers brochure It's Your Call.

Please note: This scheme is only open to years 11 and above. Barristers cannot attend careers fairs, this invite only extends to talks.

Kind regards
Emma-Jane Sleator-Rollinson

Careers & Information Officer
Professional Affairs
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