For the attention of the Head of Science

Two new Science resources for 2010 from Bromley Publications

Suitable for school enrichment material from Stage 4 and upwards.


Discoveries in Science

2010 - A link to the scientific discoveries and advances of the past

The life and times of some major scientists and their discoveries over the last 400 years, all with significant anniversaries in 2010, outlined in 15 chapters over 49 pages.  Examples range from Einthoven’s electrocardiogram to Maiman’s laser, and from Galileo to the astronomers Hale and Bopp.


Advances in Science

Science as it affects our world

Scientific advances, applications and issues in the news over recent months.  20 topical chapters (over 43 pages) showing how the great challenges faced today require technological solutions built on scientific discoveries.  Many of the solutions introduce issues and conflicts with society at large.


Each publication is available in two formats:

  • by post as a loose-leaf, A4 monochrome publication for ease of photocopying.  Can be freely photocopied by purchasing schools.
  • by email as a .pdf file attachment.

Discoveries in Science and Advances in Science each cost £12.50 (which includes postage for paper copies) if purchased separately. 
If purchased together the total cost is only £19.50!
Visit Bromley Publications for more information on Discoveries in Science and Advances in Science, and details of how to order.


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