Training to Raise Attainment for EAL and EMA Learners

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  • Online Ethnic Minority Achievement Course - accredited by Greenwich University at Level 5
  • Supporting EAL Advanced Learners - 13th and 20th January 2012
  • Making sense of your own data - 6th February 2012
  • Promoting Equality in schools - 23rd February 2012
  • Partnership Teaching - 2nd March 2012



December 2011

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Valbona Aliaj

Tel: 0207 527 5899
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Course: Online Ethnic Minority Achievement Course 'Getting EMA Right' - accredited by Greenwich University at Level 5
Date: On the 16th of every month
Price: £75+VAT per unit or £420+VAT for the full course of three modules (six units).
Are you interested in knowing more about EMA?
This modular course covers:
- The big picture, from data to actions
- Bilingualism, language development and planning for bilingual learners
- Community liaison and empowering parents
- Equalities
- Achievement for pupils of African Caribbean heritage
- Refugees and Asylum Seekers
- Gypsy, Roma and Traveller achievement
- Early years and equality and diversity for young children

Course: Breaking Through the Barrier: Supporting advanced learners with English as an additional language - Primary or Secondary
13th & 20th Jan 2012, (9.00am - 4.00pm)
Price: £350+VAT
Should your advanced EAL students be doing better?
With its focus on oracy, academic language and literacy skills, this two day programme will contribute to the success of all advanced learners of English by helping mainstream teachers to develop a clear and consistent approach to language development.

Course: Making sense of your own data: Keeping one step ahead of Ofsted
Date: 6th Feb 2012, (9.00am - 4.00pm)
Price: £200+VAT

Have you ever struggled with data?
This course helps you to stay one step ahead of the inspectors. It charts a route through the multiple data sources available to schools, including RAISEonline, the key source of data for Ofsted inspectors. It also looks at the use of deprivation measures in analysing pupil performance and at the misuse of performance data.

Course: Promoting equality in schools: meeting the duties to the highest standards
Date: 23rd Feb 2012, (9.00am - 3.30pm)
Price: £200+VAT

How does the new Equality Act apply to our schools? What actions should we take to be compliant and more?
The course aims:

  • To support participants to fully understand the new equality duties and how they link to their existing work
  • To highlight activities and approaches that effectively promote equality
  • To support self-evaluation, planning for improvement and share effective practice
  • To provide opportunities to plan collaboratively and learn about useful resources

Course: Making Partnership Teaching work for you
Date: 2nd Mar 2012, (1.00pm - 4.00pm)
Price: £100+VAT

Are you stuggling to get partnership teaching working in your school?
This session is for EAL specialists on developing and embedding partnership teaching in schools. It looks at strategies for success, how to ensure impact and developing an action plan.

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