Cartoon Classroom
Dear Headteacher

I'm writing to you about the new educational website, Cartoon Classroom, which you may have read about in the current issue of The Teacher. 

It's a non-profit website set up in part to put educational institutions directly in touch with tutors who teach the specialised skills of cartooning and sequential art. 

There's a growing interest in these forms of art, which can make simple amusements or tell complex stories - blending word and picture into great works such as Persepolis, Maus or Jimmy Corrigan.  They extend artistic horizons and excite and enthuse pupils in studying any subject.  They can help reluctant readers, and improve literacy skills - for adults as well as children.  Libraries across the country are regularly holding  workshops in these arts and finding them invaluable for attracting visitors.  

Target aims of the site are :  

1) to put educational institutions in touch with creators who teach these specialised arts on a part-time or full-time basis.  

2 ) to document whatever is available through art colleges, workshops, recommended manuals and other media, to aid in the study of these arts.

3 ) to list all museums and galleries which have examples of this kind of art on public view or in their archives, and to encourage those institutions without such examples to acquire some from notable local creators.

To register on the site and see what it has to offer, go to
For Cartoon Classroom,
Steve Marchant,
David Lloyd,
Paul Gravett.


Cartoon Classroom, 9 Portland Place, Brighton, BN2 1DG.