It's been a hard school year.

The gloom's got gloomier.

And the doom's got doomier.

Ho hum.

Time for an end-of -term treat!


Dear Head Teacher,

The Stratford Festival of Salon Arts organises the National Tour of Traditional Celtic Story-Tellers.

Bards in the true sense, Celtic Yarn-Spinners entertain and enrich all ages with interactive stories, poems and songs.

Should you be interested in having a Celtic Yarn-Spinner come to your school please:  e-mail celticyarnspinner@yahoo.co.uk
or you may prefer to telephone Joy Atkins on 0121 242 6644.

Joy Atkins
Stratford Festival of Salon Arts
P.O. Box 11178
B11 4WP
Tel: 0121 242 6644