Child cancer awareness campaign

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"Hats On" for Child Cancer Awareness - 5th May, 2010
"Wear Gold" for Child Cancer Awareness - 13th September, 2010

Our Mission is to provide information in order to raise awareness of Cancer in Children, Teenagers and Young Adults through the Be Child Cancer Aware campaign. Your school can help us to achieve this by getting involved in this campaign through our Child Cancer Awareness Days.  An awareness days pack is available to help with planning for these events should you wish to get involved. Download Information Pack

It is proven that earlier diagnosis of cancer helps to save lives.  We all know how successful the Pink Ribbon has been in promoting awareness of breast cancer and more women are are being saved through better awareness.  We aim to make the Gold Ribbon for Child Cancer awareness as famous as The Pink Ribbon.  More children can beat cancer as by being better informed, we can get earlier diagnosis which will result in earlier treatment and better prognosis for our children in the future.

Additionally, as part of this campaign, we are promoting "Cancer Education" in schools.  Our Children are our future. Macmillan Cancer Support and Teenage Cancer Trust have fantastic Learning Resources for Teachers the details of which can be found at the bottom of this email. 

Some Statistics

1 in 500 children are diagnosed with cancer in the UK each year.

2400 teenagers are diagnosed with cancer in the UK each year.

All too often, diagnosis comes too late for some of our children.  We aim to change that by empowering parents and young people with the knowledge they need to gain earlier diagnosis.

Child cancer awareness campaignGold Ribbon
Gold - The New Pink -  As part of the Awareness Campaign, we want to see as many people wearing the Gold Ribbon. We have a reduced cost for schools - each ribbon costs £0.40p and we suggest that you sell them for £0.50 and retain £0.10 for school funds.

Orders can be placed by clicking on the following link Gold Ribbons for Schools

School Teaching Pack

Macmillan Cancer Support offer some excellent resources for your school to deliver Cancer Awareness programmes to your students.
Whether or not a child or young person has been affected by cancer, they will likely have heard of it and may have their own ideas and beliefs about it.  These are often misguided or misinformed and are usually grounded in society’s fear of a dreaded illness. Talking about cancer with your class can be a good way to dispel some of the myths and fears that surround cancer.
Further information and educational resources available through Macmillan Teaching Resources

Teenage Cancer Trust Education 

It is important that young people are provided with information about how cancer could affect them or those close to them so as to help them deal better with any such situation. Teenage Cancer Trust's education talks explain what it is like to have cancer and answer any questions students might have. They talk about how to spot the early signs of cancer and provide the kind of information that will empower young people to push for a swift diagnosis should they ever have cause for concern. Our talks also give healthy living advice and encourage young people to make positive choices around diet, exercise, to improve their health and reduce the risk of cancer. For further information please visit Teenage Cancer Trust Education

YOUR SUPPORT IS INVALUABLE TO US AND TO CHILDREN AND TEENAGERS WITH CANCER NOW AND IN THE FUTURE. We ask that you support this campaign by joining in our Awareness Days and advise your parents via your school newsletter of the Be Child Cancer Aware website - The website contains valuable information about the signs and symptoms of cancers affecting children and teenagers.

For further information please visit our website or if you have any queries, please drop us an email

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