Your free essential 7 point guide to school chair feet

We've done all the leg work so you don't have to,  click on the picture below to download your printable guide to school chair feet.

So why are we emailing you? We think caretakers have a pretty tough time, maintaining a school is no easy feat. So in the spirit of good will we wanted to give you a break. We did think about sending a cup of tea & biscuit but thats no long term solution. So we revisited what we do best, feet, we know that replacing your chair feet is far more effective than revarnishing the floors every term or even worse replacing them. It's a much cheaper, quicker and easier solution giving you time to put your feet up and  have a cuppa, go on have a break on us.

It's as simple as 1-2- no that's it just 1-2

Click here for inside fitting feet or here for outside fitting feet

f your not a fan of the inter web (don't worry we understand) you can give us a call on 01634 686504 to speak with one of our super helpful Component Experts.

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