Dear Head of English / Literacy, Librarian

World Book Day is on 7 March next year. It provides an excellent reason to hold a book event at your school, but there's no reason why you can't organise an event at other times of year. You'll find ideas for activities to interest children in books at You can find out more about World Book Day at

An author visit can help bring your book event to life, but it can also do much more. Many authors don't just talk about writing. They can also talk about the topics they write about and, in the process, help you link together different areas of the curriculum. You can find plenty of authors willing to visit your school at We've just extended our genre selection so you can easily find authors who write about art, craft and design.

The growth of Skype has opened up new possibilites for author talks and follow-ups. If you want to find an author willing to work with your students in this way, please put the word 'skype' in the keyword section of our search facility.

If you're looking for a book to use in class that links to a specific topic, our reviews on may help. We even have reviews of nativity play scripts if you're not organised for Christmas yet.

With best wishes

Steve and Diana Kimpton
The Word Pool

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