Dear Head of Literacy / Librarian

The approach of World Book Day on 1 March makes us all think of school book events. Whether yours is already organised or not, you'll find ideas to help you at

It's not essential to include an author visit in your event, but it will make it more exciting for your students. You'll find hints and tips to make yours run smoothly at

If you want a visit for World Book Day but haven't organised it, you need to act quickly. As you can imagine this is a very busy time for authors so you may stand more chance of a last minute booking if you approach those that live locally. You can find authors in your area by entering your postcode on and limiting the distance for the search. The closest authors will be at the top of the results list.

However, if you haven't planned your event yet, it might be better to run it later in the year rather than rush to fit in with World Book Day. That will give you more time for organisation and a better chance of booking the author you want.

Even the best laid plans go wrong occasionally – authors have accidents and catch the flu just like the rest of us. We hate children to be disappointed so, if your author has to pull out of your event at the last minute, we're willing to email all 240 authors on our database to ask if anyone can help. Of course, we can't guarantee this will solve your problem but we're happy to try, even if you didn't find your original author through our site.

Best wishes

Steve and Diana Kimpton

The Word Pool
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