Cuddly Bear Wear - A lasting memory for all school children
Welcome to Cuddly Bear Wear. We are a green British based soft toy & gift company that specialize in providing schools with teddy bears dressed in school uniform clothing.
Our company have been successfully providing public, private, independent and faith schools world wide with teddy bears wearing their very own school uniform clothing unique to a child's present school. The teddy bear packages we supply are presented as wonderful gifts that serve as a lasting cherished memory of the school a child attended during their early school years.
What can Cuddly Bear Wear do for you?
Cuddly Bear Wear can provide your school with teddy bear packages from as little as 6.99 (see our website for further details) which are an excellent gift to give to school children at any time of year.
Our teddy bear packages are also used to support schools in the raising of funds for educational needs during events such as 'summer fayres' and 'Open days' as schools and universities often find that our range of Cuddly toy packages are a wonderful way to raise additional funds through raffling and auctioning our products.
As a green company we actively promote the use of recycling and make our bear uniforms out of recycled school uniform clothing where necessary and find that our products are a great way to educate, promote and encourage all school children of the need to live a 'green' lifestyle.
Cuddly Bear Wear also offer schools generous discounts on 'bulk' orders consisting of 10 or more packages and have an extensive range of cuddly toys, teddy bear clothes and accessories for all types of occasions as well as many varied cuddly toy packages that promotes and educate children about special calendar and cultural events.
How do I find out more?
To find out more about what Cuddly Bear Wear have to offer to schools - Please click on the bullet point links below:
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Teachers, if you are planning to provide a memorable gift for your school pupils or wish to raise funds for your school then feel free to contact us to see how we can help.
Order now or contact our sales team on 01279-432060 for a free information pack or visit our website:
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