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Dear Bursar,

Hundreds of schools across the country have taken advantage of our offer of FREE Display Energy Certificate (DEC) renewals.  This is the final time we will make this offer so don't miss out on the opportunity to save your school money.

The Offer:

  • DECYou pay only £99 plus VAT (this price is inclusive of the lodgement fee) to renew your 2010 DEC and we will renew your DEC in 2011 for FREE.  All that you pay in 2011 is the cost to us which is the lodgement fee (c.£28).
  • Your DEC will be delivered in electronic format (a PDF document) for you to simply print off.  If you don't have an A3 printer then we can print and post to you for only an extra £5.
  • We will provide all customers that take up this offer a letter to confirm their eligibility for a free renewal DEC in 2011.
  • The offer is for a limited period for orders placed between now and Friday 12 March 2010 (even if your DEC is not due for renewal until after this date, you can still take advantage by placing your order before 12/03/10.  The offer can then be used when your DEC is due for renewal).

What to do next:

  • The process to renew is simple.  Contact us on the number above or via e-mail to discuss the information that we will require.  

Note:  As you are probably aware, it is mandatory for each separate building over 1000m² to have a DEC.  One DEC for a school site that has more than one building over 1000m² is no longer allowed (the Communities & Local Government made this announcement on 11/11/09).

DEC Energy Ltd is accredited to produce DECs with 2 Government approved certification schemes.

It may also be of interest to you that 5% of our annual company profit is donated to children's charities.

Yours Faithfully,

DEC Energy Ltd.

DEC Energy Ltd, 36 Millbrook Drive, Shawbury, Shropshire, SY4 4PQ