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Dear Deputy Head,

I hope you don’t mind me contacting you. I’m writing to you from Dragonfly Television who produced the Bafta winning series One Born Every Minute and the Bafta Nominated Series, The Family. We also produced the authored journey, Too Fat Too Young which documented Gok Wan’s teenage weight issues. We as a company are committed to producing a consistent high quality of programme with good stories and high production values. You can find out more about Dragonfly Television here: www.dragonfly.tv

We are now making a series of authored journeys for Channel Five called My Secret Teens, in which well known female personalities will document their teen years, and the issues or events that shaped them. During the programme they will meet teenagers who are currently experiencing similar situations to what they experienced, and perhaps use their own experience to offer advice or support to these people.

We are making a programme with Jodie Marsh, which documents her teenage years and the bullying she suffered at school. Jodie’s bullying firstly centred around her academic success, she was nicknamed a geek by her peers and became the target of much abuse. In her later school years, she began to be bullied about her looks, after a hockey accident left her nose damaged. The torment she suffered at school has stayed with her all of her life and is still very painful for Jodie to recall. She is very keen to draw attention to the bullying that continues to exist in UK schools and try to offer some help to those who are being bullied currently. Jodie is extremely dedicated to the project and determined to deliver a very moving and poignant account of her experiences and the experiences of others.

Jodie is looking to visit UK schools to discuss the problem of bullying. We are looking for the following:

A. We are particularly interested visiting schools that have managed to overcome problems with bullying. We would like to hear about how the bullying was identified and what was done to prevent it.

B. We would also be very keen to speak to schools whom may have introduced particularly innovative strategies to combat bullying.

C. We are also looking to speak to schools who still are experiencing problems with bullying, we would like to hear what has been done so far to combat bullying, what has worked and what hasn’t and what is being done currently.

D. We are also interested in speaking to schools who have organised events for National Bullying Week.

E. We are interested in speaking to teachers who may have been particularly active in combating bullying in their school, perhaps they’ve gone out their way, putting in extra hours to help combat bullying or been very successful in rallying their students against bullying.

In addition we would like to speak to pupils, in particular:

A. Pupils who have been victims of bullying in the past.

B. Pupils who are currently being bullied.

C. Pupils who may have bullied other children in the past and now seen the error of their ways.

D. Pupils who are currently involved in combating bullying in their schools.

If you think your school could make a contribution to the programme please do not hesitate to get in touch. I’m available anytime on the details below.

Best wishes and kind regards,


Cher Adamson
Assistant Producer
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