Foreign money charity collection for schools
Easy Coin generate wealth from unwanted foreign money

Has your school considered how much revenue could be gained from a foreign money collection?

Every family and household has some foreign money tucked away somewhere that they're usually only too happy to donate to a good cause.

We provide special kits and advice on how best to access this unique source and bring substantial wealth to your chosen charity or cause.

Collections are fun and can be made educational for the children

We at Easy Coin hold a unique position in our sector, being the most resourceful at generating wealth from foreign coins and banknotes.

No one is in a position to pay more for charity collections than we are, due to the sheer number of our global resources and operations.

Once people come to us they never wish to look elsewhere.

Collecting foreign banknotes and coins for charity
Please contact our friendly staff for a free brochure on this simple form of charity fundraising:
Easy Coin Telephone: 0844 858 4671 Email:
Easy Group, PO Box 89, DURSLEY, GL11 9AH.