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Biometric Fingerprint Access Control

No Capital Outlay, Low Monthly Maintenance

Easydentic - Providing A Completely Secure Access System
To Give Peace Of Mind To All Users

Data Protection - No Personal Information is Stored

When Anyone Is Registered Onto The System The Following Takes Place –

        1. Fingerprint is scanned in to generate a code
        2. One way encryption takes place.
        3. Data is stored as a binary code, the code is unique to you

Biometrics will allow the school to take the highest amount of care
over who has access to the school at any time of day

“We use the Easydentic biometric system as access control. We have had a reader fitted on the main entrance. We previously had a key pad system but found children were copying the code and telling other children in the school. As we have now stepped up the safeguarding of children and this is our main priority we will be able to get our Ofsted rating up from good to outstanding. The reports you get from the Easydentic system are fantastic. The training and installation was excellent. I would recommend the system to any school wanting to upgrade the security, highly recommended”


A new biometric system on entrances and exits ensures that only parents and staff whose fingerprints are registered on the system can gain access to the nursery. Parents registered with the nursery can enter and leave while staff continues to concentrate on caring for the children.’
Early years safe & sound

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