National Half Energy Day  -  March 30th 2011

   National Half Energy Day - March 30th 2011

Dear Headteacher,

Joining our second National Half Energy Day is an easy and simple way to encourage your pupils to take more responsibility for their use of energy and natural resources in order to help safeguard their future.  click here for poster

Pupils are asked, for example, to measure their electricity units used at home the previous day and then aim to halve this on Half Energy Day, share lifts and avoid non-recyclable waste.

By encouraging your pupils to enter our poster competition this will advertise the idea and give them a chance to win an iPod nano!  click here for details

Join schools nationwide in educating our young people to develop good ecological habits to avoid every day being a Half Energy Day!

Yours sincerely,

Farnborough Hill Sixth Form


HALVE your electric units

EXTEND the life of our fossil fuels

DECIDE to change your energy habits forever

start to a brighter future!


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