Fathers’ Story Week 2011 – register now!

We would like to invite your school to take part in Fathers’ Story Week, taking place on 13-19 June 2011.  This week-long celebration of fatherhood is designed to help dads become more involved at school, because when this happens, children do better.

Fathers Story Week



Fathers Story WeekWe’ll be providing you with free resources and fundraising activity ideas to help you to plan your school’s participation in this highly successful and popular event.  Please dedicate this one week of your summer term to Fathers’ Story Week for the benefit of your pupils, their dads and your school!

To register, go to the Father’s Story Week website: www.fathersstoryweek.org


Fathers Story WeekWhat is Fathers’ Story Week?

The Fatherhood Institute has developed Fathers’ Story Week to support primary schools, nurseries, preschools and other early years settings who want to increase the engagement of fathers in their children’s learning.

It takes place in the week preceding Father’s Day, 13-19 June 2011.

FREE Fathers’ Story Week lesson plans and activities will help you engage with fathers and get them more involved in their child’s education. 

Why should you take part?

Evidence shows that children’s educational attainment can be greatly improved where their fathers take an interest in their learning.  In particular:

  • Positive engagement between father and child is linked to higher IQ at age 7 and 11, and better exam results at 16
  • Fathers exert greater influence than mothers on boys’ educational choices

Fathers Story Week

Last year Fathers’ Story Week took place in over 2,000 schools and other settings.

Early results suggest 75% of dads rated FSW as excellent, and the remaining 25% rated it as good.

Almost 90% said the week had improved their relationship with their child’s school.

Why fundraise?

Among the FREE resources we’ll be making available, are ideas for fundraising activities for your school to do to benefit the Fatherhood Institute and Barnardo’s, the organisers of Fathers’ Story Week. 

These activities will help give Fathers’ Story Week a focus - and engage pupils and fathers in a competitive and positive way.  With your help, the Fatherhood Institute and Barnardo’s can help more children to have better relationships with their dads.

What do I do now?

To register, go to the Father’s Story Week website: www.fathersstoryweek.org. You will be asked to provide your contact details and we will email you a login and password so you can access the FREE resources to start planning for Fathers’ Story Week.  Please add this event to your school calendar now. 

With thanks and best wishes,

Fathers Story Week              Fathers Story Week

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