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First Aid Training for Children

 Would you like your Year 5 & 6s to learn how to put someone into the Recovery Position, carry out CPR and put a bandage and sling on a casualty?

Young Lifesavers Award

The Young Lifesavers Award is a 4 hour course that teaches children first aid, providing them with the essential tools and skills that can be life saving. The interactive teaching methods we use also promotes confidence, teamwork, communication and listening skills in each young person. 

What the Children will learn:

  •  Actions In an Emergency
  •  Calling 999 / 112
  •  Recovery Position
  •  CPR
  •  Bandage and Sling
  •  Fractures


Group Size - 30 approx

Timings - 9am to end of school

Costs - £145 plus 50p per certificate with no VAT charges

Booking - call or email with dates and any questions you may have

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"When I got home from school, I showed my mum how to put someone into the recovery position".              Shane - Year 6

"I have really enjoyed doing first aid training with Hugh; the best bit was learning how to do CPR on the Resus Doll's".    Carl - Year 7

t. 01480 492046 - m. 07738 963922

e. info@first-aidtrainingservices.co.uk  

w. www.first-aidtrainingservices.co.uk

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