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Magic Keyhole - WORLD is a groundbreaking new interactive learning app developed by Glass Puppy Inc. in conjunction with teachers, schools, and students. We are proud to be offering schools unlimited free copies of this app for classroom and library use.

This software is available for MAC, PC, iPad, Kindle, and Android devices and computers, and boasts intuitive navigation, and engaging, straightforward design. Magic Keyhole - WORLD is the first in the Magic Keyhole series, and features 10 locations from around the world. The interactive structure helps learners develop and exercise important skills such as information retention and reading comprehension, while the fun text and images teach users the basics of the world they live in.

It introduces young learners (ages 3-8) to a wide variety of environments, animals, cultures, and landmarks by combining vivid artwork, engaging verse, entertaining sound effects, and professional narration into a fun and educational package.

The high degree of interactivity built into the app lets children explore our beautiful planet while encouraging their creativity by letting them move and arrange scene elements themselves. Each scene includes surprises and hidden treasures that reward curiosity and encourage further exploration. And while they're exploring, they're also exercising their memories, expanding their vocabularies, and learning more about world geography and the animal kingdom. All learning should be this much fun!

In addition to the 10 original scenes, Magic Keyhole - WORLD also includes a full suite of innovative, animated puzzles that reinforce the information that's been learned. Not only does this offer further hours of enjoyment and memory-building, but children are also becoming more comfortable and familiar with modern technology platforms - something our field research clearly showed to be a strong motivator in young learners.

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