Dear Fund raising team,

We are from the company called Happy School Bag. We would like to take the opportunity and tell you more about us and easy way to raise funds, by collecting second hand clothing.

What is Happy School Bag?

Happy School Bag is a business, that specializes in collecting and buying quality second-hand clothes. Later on we sell them to wholesalers and they export it to the Eastern European countries. So in this way you help people from emerging countries to buy quality second-hand clothing at affordable prices.

What we want?

We are interested in collecting quality second-hand ladies', men's and children's clothing, as well as shoes, belts, bags, bedding and curtains.

We pay the best market price possible

Up to 0,5 tonne£0,40 per kilo
More than 0,5 tonne£0,42 per kilo
2 bookings during the same call£0,45 per kilo

How it works?

When you book a collection you will be able to choose a time that suits you. 1-2 weeks before the collection day we bring you our green bags. All you have to do is to distribute the bags amongst participating students and let them know the time and location of the arranged collection point (e.g. Friday morning before school starts, in playground, where our van will be waiting). So Happy School Bag driver would weigh the collection and load it into the van. Therefore, you do not have any storage problems!

Best regards,

Happy School Bag team
0800 2425838

Bag Bag Ltd, 80 Winsor Terrace, London, E6 6LE.