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Dear Headteacher,

I hope your term has gone well and you are looking forward to your festive break.

You may recall that I sent out an email last month regarding Raiseonline analysis and this has been very well received by schools as being very good value for money and bringing significant time and stress savings for Headteachers and Senior Leaders. The added bonus of having had the data reviewed by a practicing Ofsted Inspector and a summary report written which gives major head start of writing the achievement section of the SEF has also been seen as very useful. All feedback has been highly positive and I have references from a number of very satisfied Headteachers who have got their Christmas Holiday back.

I am therefore offering this service again over Christmas so that schools will get their analysis documents and achievement report back by the time they return to school. This offer is limited to the first 15 replies after which the deadline will have to go back and is on a first-come, first-served basis. The Raise service is outlined below along with my other services.

Please accept my best wishes for a happy and restful Christmas break.

Raiseonline Analysis.

With the significant changes in the Ofsted framework throughout this year regarding how achievement is measured, I am offering a service to mainstream Primary Schools (including infants, lower and junior schools) and Primary Academies to help take away some of the uncertainty over measuring progress and attainment through a comprehensive analysis of your Raiseonline documents which could lead to the writing of an achievement overview which can then form a significant part of your SEF.

You will get a clear three year analysis of attainment in KS1 and KS2, an easy-to-follow pictorial breakdown of group progress and attainment for the end of KS2 over three years and a breakdown of how your national transition matrix progress data compares to national expectations at both ‘expected’ and ‘exceeds’ levels. These are now vital in measuring progress.

All of these reports are in easy-to-use Word formats and so can be easily modified to go into your full SEF, school improvement plan, governor reports; etc.

As I am a currently practising inspector (therefore with a thorough knowledge of the New Framework), a former primary school Headteacher (I know the pressures you are under) and have worked extensively in self-evaluation with over 130 schools nationwide in the last year (thus giving me a wealth of practical ideas which can help you), I am in an ideal position to help take some of the burden from you and give you back time to spend on the things which will really drive your school forward.

There are two options for the above:

  1. The analysis documents only, which cost £375.
  2. The analysis documents and a KS1 and KS2 report overview which could form the basis of the achievement section of your SEF is £475.

Both of these figures are for the work to be done without a visit to the school and the work will be emailed to you on completion. This would be guaranteed to be delivered to you by a mutually agreed date which is normally within two weeks of instruction.

From February onwards, I will of course continue to offer the full SEF service as outlined below for those schools that require a more comprehensive service.

Many thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this. If you require high quality help in any area of school management, data analysis and self-evaluation then please visit my website at www.ianhartconsultancy.co.uk to view the full range of school improvement services my associates and I can offer. Please remember that you will not be invoiced until after we have completed the agreed work to your satisfaction, thus guaranteeing quality and value for money.

SEF Writing Service

Would you like to get your SEF written with only one or two days of your time needed? Would you like to have a practising inspector with experience of Headship help guide you through the requirements of the New Framework and produce a comprehensive SEF document for you, thus taking away a significant burden from an already highly stressful job, giving you back time to focus on the things which will really drive your school forward?

Then let me help you! I have 15 years of experience in Primary teaching culminating in Headship. I have been involved with self-evaluation in schools since 2001, before it became the OFSTED framework and I have gained the European Framework for Quality Management Assessor Certificate. Over the last four and a half years, I have worked both independently and for a major public services provider consulting with schools all over the country on self-evaluation and SEF writing, as well as many other aspects of school management including teaching and learning audits and data analysis. I am highly experienced in deciphering Raiseonline and have inspection experience, being a qualified and currently practising Ofsted Additional Inspector.

For £695, inclusive of all expenses, I will give you two days of time which includes a half day with your current Raiseonline documents (off site) in preparation for a full day at your school (or location of your choice, 8am to  around 3.30pm) and up to a further day to edit and proof-read your SEF. All the while, I will help you confirm that you have robust evidence to back up the grades we have given. I am also more than willing to have up to two your colleagues present as you see fit to enable them to access professional development from seeing the process in action.

Alternatively, for £895 inclusive of all expenses, you will get 2.5 days of time made up of two days on site with you and a half day for preparation beforehand. This gives us much more time to talk through the framework and give the opportunity to talk through any particular issues the school faces. Through my extensive work with many schools across the country, I would be able to give you ideas for strategies which have worked in practise in schools serving a wide range of communities. By the end of day two, the first draft of the SEF would be complete. You then have the opportunity to consider what we have produced over a time scale to suit you, and then send it back to me for a final edit.

I would be pleased to provide (on request) anyone who is interested with contact details for one of the many Headteachers I have already worked with, who are happy to provide a first-hand reference for the quality of the service I have delivered.

Feedback so far has been entirely positive and includes:

I wanted to say a huge thank you for the work you did yesterday…….. I have to say I have been extremely impressed by the service you provided and would be happy to recommend you to other Headteacher colleagues in the Borough. – Headteacher, South East.

I just wanted to let you know that having had our OFSTED and using the SEF that you developed with us the two HMIs were very impressed with the format and accurate evaluation….. From the day we spent with you we were prepared for the questions and challenges we had and were able to provide the answers easily. We did get the outstanding that you helped us decide to go for……Since the inspection I have recommended you to several other heads …..I thought that you would like to know since you were part of the process that resulted in our positive outcome. Headteacher – South West.

Just to let you know we had an Ofsted inspection last week. All went well …… I wanted to thank you and also pass on the compliments the lead inspector made about the SEF. Well written and also she liked the summary of grades at the back. Thank you. Headteacher – South East

Phew it [the inspection] was a battle but your support and direct talking really invigorated us and we were ready! Headteacher – North East.

Thanks Ian; first draft was excellent - my SIP and chair of governors were very impressed and said how concise, informative and yet readable the document already is. Headteacher, Camden.

We very much enjoyed the day with you and one real benefit was that [my SLT]….. feel they have much more ownership of whole document than before. Headteacher, Hampshire.

Many thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this and please visit my website at www.ianhartconsultancy.co.uk to get a full list of the services I am currently offering. Alternatively, please email me at ianhartconsultancy@yahoo.co.uk or ring me on 07415 857877 if you would like to discuss your needs with me personally.

Kind Regards,

Ian Hart BA (Hons), PGCE, NPQH.

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