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School Texting Service

Let parents, staff and students know about school closures due to weather, holidays, parent/teacher meetings, in-service days, exam times, etc.  
Iflow's online texting service makes life easier by helping you to manage those communications quickly and easily from any internet location.

Join the hundreds of schools & colleges who text with Iflow

Schools Package

  Set-up and Maintenance                £0
  Monthly Subscription                     £0
  Users                                            1
  Cost per text              5p (including VAT)
  Payment                        Monthly Invoice


Special Offer!

50 free texts if you join before April 29th 2011

  • No monthly Subscription
  • No Set-up or Maintenance charge
  • Easy to Use
  • Send texts from any internet location



Deputy Principal, Presentation Secondary School, Dublin 22
We use Iflow to inform students and parents for all sorts of reasons, from emergencies to reminders. It is very easy to use and it can be operated remotely without the need to travel to the school. The support service has been invaluable, especially at the initial phase of setup. Thanks Iflow!”


IFLOW, 78 York Street, London, W1H 1DP.

Telephone: 0870 178 3077        Fax: 0870 178 4524


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