Exciting new package for young readers.
Seven popular stories, with all the DOLCH/DfES words, READER’s THEATRE, narratives and worksheets.

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Fun with Reading

Christine and John Jarvis
Western Australia, October 2011

Dear Colleague,

See exciting progress and add fun to learning to read.
Here are 7 traditional stories adapted to use all the words in the DfES-100 and DOLCH-220 wordlists, and presented both as Reader’s Theatre (RT) scripts and as narratives.  Read below about the amazing results achieved with RT.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our package.
Christine and John Jarvis

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The package includes
  -  7 stories, plus 2 extra versions, all in editable form
  -  Classroom Reader’s Theatre adaptations for each story
  -  Worksheets, flashcards and reading-record sheets for the stories
  -  Over 500 worksheets for sets from the DfES-100 and DOLCH-220 word lists
  -  50 giant wordsleuths each containing an entire DfES or DOLCH wordlist
Also included is my comprehensive set of over 350 basic number worksheets. 

The stories: (1) The Goats and the Trolls, (2) The Ugly Duckling and the Fox, (3) The Three Pigs,
                    (4) Pinocchio, (5) Gulliver, (6) Cinderella, (7) Belle and the Beast.

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John Jarvis, 19 Orient Cct, (PO Box 920), Hillarys, 6025, Australia.

The Power of Reader's Theatre
An easy way to make dramatic changes in kids' fluency, writing, listening, and social skills
From an article by By Jennifer O. Prescott (click to link to article)

Drama, as many teachers are discovering, is not only fun and natural for children, it also encourages emotional growth, motivation, and engagement. One form of drama, known as Reader's Theatre, has been found to be particularly effective in building reading fluency.  Reader's Theatre can also boost listening and speaking skills, enhance confidence, and transform reluctant readers into book lovers.

Reader's Theatre proved to be almost a magic solution for L. Griffith (Nth Carolina): In just 10 weeks of using RT, every child in her class had gained a full grade level in reading. After a year, the children's gains had jumped to three years of growth. Griffith calls the transformation in their reading fluency "totally remarkable."

Why use stories and worksheets for DfES and DOLCH words?

The DfES and DOLCH wordlists are widely used by teachers in many countries. The DfES-100-high-frequency-words list originated in the UK, and the DOLCH 220-sight-words list in the US.  They are the important difficult first words when learning to read.  These words make up 50%-70% of all the words read by children and adults.   Learning these words at an early stage speeds up the development of reading literacy.  They are often called "sight words" because many of them cannot be sounded out, but need to be recognised from the memory of the word's image.

Click here to see the DOLCH and DfES wordlists

We are keen to do something to make a difference.
For this reason we offer this package for free to poorly funded schools throughout the world.
  If you feel that you need a free copy, please email us with some details of your situation.
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