Dedicated to the Primary School

Dear Colleague,

Welcome to languagenut.com, the online primary languages resource centre offering a comprehensive range of teacher friendly language-learning activities in French, Spanish and German.

Let’s tick some boxes:

  • Supports QCA scheme of work
  • Linked to the KS2 Framework for Language’s Objectives click here for more info
  • Accessible, immediate and effective – great for the non-specialist
  • Delivers on intercultural understanding


Interactive games

Our award winning team have meticulously crafted a set of snappy and incredibly user-friendly games. Children love them – and learn. Great on the interactive whiteboard or handy working individually on computers, the illustrations and vocals by native speakers grab the attention. 
Click here to find out more about the games


Try languagenut for free

All schools are entitled to a 2 week free tryout. You register your school's details, choose a login and username, and you're in. The process takes less than 2 minutes and you can share the login and username within your school (pupils and teachers). click here to try languagenut now


The Future

We are big fans of singing. Over the coming months you will see new songs appearing on languagenut, complete with interactive elements and featuring the same quality of imagery and language. We are recording now down in Brighton with our French singer, and our designer Mike is meticulously piecing together the visuals. Spanish and German will be following.

Alongside the areas already contained within languagenut, we are planning a series of short films that capture the intercultural understanding aspect of learning. We are very excited about this and have been having very useful chats with the great consultants around the country - thank you all!  


Mike's Design Competition

Healthy self-worth is something we all love to see in our children, and our designer Mike has come up with a brilliant idea. Your class can help design the languagenut website and see their illustrations live online! We tried the idea out with great results (see the fantastic monster in unit 23, section 4). As spring is round the corner we are looking for drawings to illustrate this time of year. click here for more info


Letter of the week

We love visiting schools to see the many ways that languagenut is being used in the classroom. to find out more about our school visits click here

Thank you to Grace at Wallands Primary for this Star letter of the week:

"this is Grace from wallands school year 6 dave waddell
i loved your website so much it was so suitable for schools and i 
loved how you made it and how we learned about the body parts it was so 
wonderfull how you did it all i still remember loads and i will go on 
it at home and practise my french so im ready for next time i go to 
france to see my sister and my grandparents!!"


Best wishes

Jamie and the languagenut team


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