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Dear Language Coordinator,

Our New French Karaoke Songs are Here!

We are very proud to announce the launch of our French karaoke songs. They feature karaoke-style text display and stunning graphics. The songs have been carefully written to fit in with the topics that you are delivering, and they support our great games. Try them all for free with our 2 week tryout. Just click the link below.

Mandarin too!

3 weeks ago we also launched our Mandarin area. This offers some of the most user-friendly Chinese resources available. Please take a look.

Spanish, German and Italian

Also live are our Spanish, German and Italian games, all equally well presented to make your resourcing as easy as possible.

Free tryout:



With best wishes

The Langaugenut team - 19 TheTwitten, Ditchling, East Sussex, BN6 8UJ.