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Dear Headteacher

I am writing to you from Love Productions, an award-winning independent television production company. We’re making an important new series for Channel 4 about men in childcare and hoped you might be able to help us to find parents to take part.

The idea behind the series comes from the fact that 97.5% of professional childcare in Britain is done by women and research shows that male childcare workers have much to offer, including acting as a positive male influence.

We’re looking for men who are keen to learn more about child care – they may already be dads themselves but are aware they could be more hands-on, or perhaps their own fathers were hands-off when they were growing up, and they’re keen for history to not repeat itself. They will be carefully selected and given training to become childcare assistants, working in a nursery under the careful supervision of the existing staff, for a short period of time. 

We have discussed the series with the major child welfare and childcare organisations, including the National Day Nurseries Association, the Daycare Trust and the Preschool Learning Alliance. They have told us that they support the programme idea. We are also talking to the NSPCC about the series.

In giving men the opportunity to look after children full time, this series hopes to empower a nation of men to be more hands-on with their own kids, and perhaps inspire more men to consider the childcare profession. It will aim to show men that it’s a tough job (nowhere as easy as they might think) but also a very rewarding one.

We would love to hear from any parents who might like to benefit from this chance to learn new skills, challenge themselves or even become better dads.  I have attached a letter, which it would be wonderful if you could pass on to make parents aware of this opportunity.

If you’ve any questions then please do give me a call directly on 0207 067 4877 or contact me via

Thanks for your time. 

Best wishes,

Emma Hayes

Assistant Producer, Love Productions for Channel 4



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