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Editsense: films to edit on Mac or PC

"I would recommend it to every Media or English department" Jack Kenny

Editsense - our DVD-ROM of films for learners to edit on Mac or PC - is a great way to introduce film language.

Reviewers have described it as "an excellent resource" and "invaluable".

You can use the films in English, Media Studies, Film Studies and ICT. Students can edit them using basic software like iMovie and Moviemaker, or more advanced programs such as Final Cut and Premiere.

Each film includes a choice of shots. By editing them, users learn about sequencing, shot duration, framing, camera position, movement and more.

  • In The Beach, a boy looks out to sea while a mysterious girl in black approaches from behind. The film includes more than 50 different shots. A step-by-step printable guide take learners through decisions about choosing and sequencing the shots.
  • Lift and Stairs include 18 shots each. A boy climbs stairs to a darkened room; a girl in a hurry takes a lift to the top floor then runs to a locked door. These two films can be edited separately or used as a 'race against time' parallel editing activity.
  • Crash is a stunt from a youth TV drama series: a car swerves and rolls over, with a choice of different camera positions inside and outside the car.

The DVD-ROM also includes an interactive guide to film language, sample edits, instructions and printable stills.

We're offering 33% off all orders received by 5th April.

The single-user version is now £26, a 50-user licence is £99, and 100-user is £199.

Editsense is available for Mac or PC (for an extra £10 you can get both versions).

For more details, reviews, examples of student work and online ordering, please visit www.editsense.org

If you've got any questions, please ring me on 029 2056 9467 or email tom@mediaedwales.org.uk

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