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Mock Rock - Traverse Wall installations

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School climbing walls on to existing masonry
offer  £750+VAT for a 10 Metre Traverse Wall.

This is with the highest grade fixing system available guaranteed for 10 years

Free-Standing traverse wall 4.4M double-sided
wall with 8.8M of climbing area £1500+VAT

We have installed over 200,000 climbing holds at schools all over the UK and make the climbing holds for many of the top playground companies.

In 2012 we installed climbing walls on two television programs for the BBC, “Flowerpot men” and CBBC’s “I want my own room!”

We are all climbers at Mock rock so we make sure there are interesting challenges on our walls. Green climbing holds easy, yellow medium, red very difficult, Blue; Mount Everest!
Guarantee. We will send out free replacement climbing holds for 5 years from the installation date.

The reason we can do this is because out of the 200,000 climbing holds we have installed at schools all over the UK since 2007 we have only had to send out 10 replacement climbing holds.

Free-standing climbing walls

Our Free-standing climbing walls have posts 200mm thick for incredible strength, these posts are guaranteed for 15 years (an industry best.)
For a 4.4 Metre double-sided wall with 8.8M of linear climbing area with installation included the price is £1500+VAT

Excellent references available.

"We have been exceptionally pleased with the pleasant, professional service provided by the Mockrock team. From quote to construction we have been given clear and accurate information and pricing. The service has been excellent and the final product outstanding. Once on the wall the children have not stopped playing, climbing and exercising - they love it. In addition to the children all the parents have given positive feedback too and wish they could have a go. Passers by have also shown a positive reaction and made complimentary comments. Thank You Mock Rock for an excellent, non expensive investment into the school environment at Thomas Barnes." - Jon (Headteacher) 

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