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£75 per linear metre installed. No extras to add

For a 2.2M high by 10 Metre wall you pay £750 (including tax)

At £75 per linear metre-installed, we are up to 60% cheaper than some of our competitors and we will beat any like for like quote.  Most companies have a minimum order of 10 linear metres, but if you have a smaller area we will increase the amount of holds per metre.

The fixed fee is £750.00 for all walls at or below 10 Metres in length (all inclusive, no tax or extras to add). See price list below. You are welcome to have two walls in different areas; perhaps to cater for different age groups- For example two 6M walls in different locations cost the same as one 12M wall in one location.  Our costs only increase with the amount of climbing holds and anchor points installed- we are flexible and can help you maximise what you get for your budget. If you want a huge wall -20M+ we can reduce the holds per linear metre to 8 and bring down the cost for you.-email us to get a quote.  We have recently installed a 35 Metre wall with 7 holds per linear for £1125 -some of our competitors would charge £3500+ for the equivalent.  We use the latest climbing holds, featuring polyurethane rubber-backing offering improved surface adhesion and we are one of only a few UK manufacturers with the capability to make these advanced holds.

A traverse wall below 2.2M height does not legally require safety padding or ropes.  All our traverse wall installations conform and surpass the minimum legal safety requirements, so all quotes assume the height of 2.2M for the highest line of climbing holds.

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Why are our prices so low?  We manufacture all our own climbing holds in the UK in our factory in Nottinghamshire. Therefore as we are making large quantities of climbing holds we can pass this discount on to our customers. In effect you are buying direct from the manufacturer.

Climbing improves fitness, develops problems solving skills, confidence, coordination and social skills. We create three different difficulty routes colour coded to traffic lights- Green easy, amber medium and red difficult. This ensures they never get bored and always have a new challenge. The aim is that it will take until the last year of primary school to successfully navigate the red route.   

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