Dear Headteacher or Head of Sixth form

Sixth formers thinking of going to university have many worries at the moment. Those with a long-term condition such as epilepsy may lose hope in the face of so many potential obstacles. Will you help us to give them some encouragement to fulfil their educational future?

There is financial, practical and emotional support available to students with epilepsy - and other long-term health conditions that can affect learning - and many young people just won’t know this. It could make the difference to them applying or not. Would you please print off the downloadable poster and display it in your sixth form area?

You may be willing to put this link on your website too?
It leads to information for young people with epilepsy considering going to university which will help them think it through and make the most of university life.

As a charity we are working hard to reach students with epilepsy who may not realise that financial help and support is available, and we are also asking all universities to put this link on their website.

With sixth formers about to make decisions on which universities and colleges to attend to further their education, the charity is urging young people with epilepsy to disclose their condition and seek the support they’re entitled to. This could be up to £6,000 worth of equipment or £20,000 a year of human support such as a note taker or amanuensis.

People will, of course, be assessed - usually before the start of the course - but the funding and support is there for those that need it.

We hope you will join us in trying to make the difference for young people with epilepsy at university.      


Epilepsy Society


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