Think safety for Colleges and Schools


....... a health and safety handbook for employees of colleges and schools


ThinkSafety2008cover-school.gifUsing simple language, clear illustrations and checklists, this guide is easy to read and covers all the health and safety issues that need to be
considered when working in and around a college or school.

Think Safety covers a wide range of
topics, including:     
  • what to do in emergencies
  • working alone with a student
  • fire safety
  • dealing with injury or illness
  • Driving
  • working with equipment
  • protecting the public
  • reporting accidents.

Giving Think Safety to each of your employees
is a quick and easy way to:

  • promote your health and safety policies
  • inform them of their responsibilities, and
  • have a focus for on-going training.

Think Safety complements your own health and safety procedures manual, giving them information and instructions that are easy to follow.

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