Shutdown software with energy reporting

PC Auto Shutdown with Energy Reporting

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Monitor your energy costs and your carbon footprint

Get energy costs/savings and CO² figures for all network connected PCs. See a summary analysis for all PCs on the network. Configure categories for departmental cost analysis, drill down to individual PCs to interrogate shutdown log files. Filter on date ranges for term time analysis and export data to excel to create your own custom reports.

Schedule auto shutdownScheduled shutdown of logged on, logged off, idle, or locked PCs

Maximise your energy savings by reducing the running time of your PCs - schedule auto shutdown of idle, logged on, logged off, or locked PCs. Configure a combination of idle and independent shutdown timers to achieve the best energy savings for the working patterns of your different user groups.

Rapid deployment to domain connected PCs

Simple configuration and domain installation make it easy to install PC Auto Shutdown Network deploymentin a fraction of the time it would take to configure individual workstations; when you add a new PC to the domain PC Auto Shutdown is automatically installed.

Keep track of your networked PCs

With the Manager View you can see all of your network connected PCs - identify which PCs are in use and how often they are used. Get direct access to PC Auto Shutdown configuration files, so if you don't have a domain controller you can still quickly activate and configure network connected PCs from one PC.

An educational site license for up to 500 PCs is just £375.00 + VAT (see purchase options)

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