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7th Annual Conference on Restorative Approaches in Educational and Residential Settings

Organised by Transforming Conflict - The National Centre for Restorative Approaches in Youth Settings


Friday 18th March 2011

IET: Austin Court, Birmingham B1 2NP

This annual Restorative Approaches in Education and Residential Child Care conference has become the popular ‘home’ conference for all those interested in the use of restorative approaches in educational and care settings.

Over the years, this event has brought together professionals from a variety of disciplines: teachers, social workers, education and school managers, YOTS personnel and local authority officers and elected members. The conference is unfailingly challenging and inspirational.

Restorative approaches continue to prove to offer effective responses to conflicts, disruption and anti-social behaviour. They are based on a philosophy of mutual respect, consideration, shared accountability and collaborative problem-solving which needs to permeate the ethos of any institution adopting the approach. This approach will influence all day-to-day interactions between all members of that community.

In residential care this is being explored by linking restorative approaches to social pedagogy. In schools there is an emerging relational and restorative pedagogy that links what is taught, how it is taught and how mistakes and challenges are dealt with. These exciting developments give us the theme of the conference for this year.

The web addresses for further information, full programme listing and booking is given below. Alternatively, please contact Lynn on 01483 205432 for further information.


Zoe Charlesworth
Public Sector Strategies

Working on behalf of Transforming Conflict – The National Centre for Restorative Approaches in Youth Settings
0118 933 2636


Further Information and Booking

The full conference programme including an online booking form is available at:

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