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 CPD workshops

Date:         Wednesday August 4th 2010

Venue:      Carlton Hotel, Dublin Airport

Who Should Attend:
Educators, multi-disciplinary professionals & parents who have an interest in the developmental & special needs of children & adolescents


Workshop 1:  9.30am – 3.30pm

The Different Visual World of Children With Special Needs

I would never have thought that my child sees the world
in such a confused and dangerous way

Speaker:  Ian Jordan, FBDO Cl
Visual Processing Consultant
Research Optician & Clinical Director of Orthoscopics Ltd.


Workshop 2:  5pm – 8pm

Brain Damage and Vision

An interactive workshop for those involved with children
who have cerebral visual impairment

Speaker: Maurice Sparrow
Advisory Teacher of visual impairment in Westminster, UK

WORKSHOP 1       9.30am – 3.30pm

The Different Visual World of Children With Special Needs

I would never have thought that my child sees the world
in such a confused and dangerous way

Presented by Ian Jordan

Vision and visual processing

The importance of visual processing in special needs is just becoming accepted but there are very few professionals in this field of expertise. Virtually all children with special needs have some sensory processing difficulties; visual processing being the most common, most easily assessed and managed and probably the least recognised.

In this presentation Ian will look at how these can cause many of the problems in special needs, how parents and teachers can recognise when they are present and what options are available to assess and intervene.

State of the art techniques will be introduced – and simple low cost techniques will be shown for initial assessment.

The presentation is designed for parents, teachers and professionals and the content will surprise, intrigue and fascinate them all.

The presentation is not suitable for young children.

The presentation is very fast moving – funny, emotionally charged at times, and is essential viewing for anyone dealing with special needs children.


Some of the highlights

  • How to provoke dyslexia in the classroom – and how vision is often the cause of educational underachievement
  • How timing and sensory mapping often cause dyspraxia – and must always be addressed
  • Visual processing problems in cerebral palsy
  • Why faces are such a problem in ASD – and how they can be alleviated in seconds
  • Spatial awareness problems in special needs
  • Cross sensory effects – such as how does vision affect speech in special needs
  • When is touch sensitivity a visual problem?
  • And many more……..


The benefits of the course

At the end of the course it should be possible to

  • Recognise when a problem may be present
  • Screen for basic difficulties
  • Have the confidence to ask the right questions
  • Intervene when appropriate – and understand the options available
  • Know when referral to an expert is essential


Included with the Course Cost:

  • Refreshments on arrival and during break times
  • Carvery Lunch
  • Attendance Certificate


Ian Jordan is an internationally recognised speaker in the field of visual processing problems in special needs. He has lectured at many international conferences (for a wide variety of professions) and has been featured on TV documentaries, national radio and press on numerous occasions. An author with 6 books, 1 DVD and a CD Rom, many awards for research and development, a “hero” of the National Autistic Society, an owner of a special needs optometric practice, clinical director of Orthoscopics, Patron of Autism in Mind and much more. Ian Jordan has been described as "the best speaker in optics" and "charismatic.” Lecture credits include:

  • World Dyslexia Congress
  • World Autism Conference
  • World Environmental health conference
  • International Special Needs Conference
  • International Dyspraxia Foundation conference
  • European psychological conference
  • British Dyslexia Association International Conference
  • Occupational Therapists national conference
  • International Ergonomics Conference
  • Royal College of Ophthalmologists national conference
  • Institute of Neuro-physiological Psychology European conference
  • Institute of Neurology national balance conference
  • National conferences of UK and Irish opticians (many times)
  • Educational psychologists national conference Symposium facilitator
  • Many optical national and international conferences

Ian Jordan

Ian Jordan

Professional Credentials

An internationally recognized lecturer in the effects of stimulus on neural pathways, Ian is a qualified optician with a strong R&D bias.


  • Visual dyslexia – a parents and teachers guide – “the best book of its kind” Optometry today
  • Visual Dyslexia – signs, symptoms and assessment
    Screening for visual perceptual problems
  • The Circle of Underachievement

His lectures have been described as the “best in optics” and he has been described as “charismatic”. They are funny, thought provoking, use some extraordinary videos, invite significant audience participation and introduce complex ideas in a way that can be understood by anyone.
And they change people’s lives.

WORKSHOP 2  5pm – 8pm


Brain Damage and Vision

An interactive workshop for those involved with children
who have cerebral visual impairment


Presented by Maurice Sparrow

Workshop Overview

  • Medical background and theoretical issues surrounding CVI (cortical visual impairment)
  • Practical implications of CVI on a child's learning;
  • Compensatory strategies for working with children with CVI, including developing environments that are decluttered and simplified, with a focus on a multi-sensory approach
  • Practical activities to help empathise with the condition

Maurice uses audio/video material extensively to teach and involves the audience interactively. It is NOT a lecture.

About The Presenter

Maurice Sparrow

Maurice Sparrow is a full time advisory teacher of visual impairment in the UK as part of the Westminster Specialist Teaching Provision. He works with all ages from 0 to 19 years advising and supporting families and schools and has a particular interest in cerebral forms of visual impairment and its implications for learning.



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