Set up meetings in record time

What is the simplest way to set up a meeting of managers, administrators and teachers in under 3 minutes?

Setting up meetings which bring together colleagues from different areas of the school is always troublesome and time consuming. Each person has his/her own timetable. There may well be other events already scheduled. Someone might be out of the school on a visit.
And all this is before we consider issues such as room and equipment availability.
Which is why booking meetings - and indeed everything else to do with the appointments and schedules of colleagues - is a time-consuming problem.
The simplest way to resolve all this in 3 minutes or less is for colleagues likely to be involved in a meeting to keep their schedule on an online diary system. That way, all you have to do is enter a request for a date that suits everyone, and the online system solves your problem.
This approach (now being implemented in significant numbers of schools across the UK through the use of Smartdiary) represents a fundamental move towards school efficiency.
Such a system has many other benefits too. For example, once set up you can let parents book their parents' evening meetings with staff through the school website - and they can see instantly the times of the appointments they have got.
Full details of this new approach can be found on Pricing starts at £300.00 for a small primary school, and for a full quote please either complete the request on the web site, or call 01625 449 010.
Finally here's an extra bonus. In the unlikely event that you feel that the system is not beneficial for your school, we'll give you a 100% refund at any time in the first month after purchase. Whatever the reason - you just cancel your order. Do call me on 01625 449 010
Phil Dunlop
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