Andy Warn's

  Sounds Roadshows

Booking now for Chinese New Year Workshops ...

Dear Head of Music,

Looking for something diffferent for your pupils this year?

Andy's Sounds Roadshows offer:

  • 100% hands-on workshops for children
  • All ages - Foundation stage, KS1 and KS2
  • Workshops from all continents
  • Stunning instruments from Around the World
  • Samba, African, Indian, Chinese, Gamelan, Hawaiian
  • PLUS Recycled Sounds - Junk percussion and craft
  • Around the World Concert for the whole school

For more information, contact Andy Warn on: 07916 253 267

Andy Warn

Andy Warn’s Sounds Roadshows

A multi-cultural experience for your school

Original instruments from across the globe, from Indonesia, South America, Africa, China, India and Europe

A truly memorable, hands-on opportunity - not to be missed!

Sounds Roadshows - 1 Edward Street, Eastville, Bristol, BS5 6LW.