Tag Strap

Dear Head Teacher

My name is Ross Taylor and I work for a company called Tag strap. Our aim is to make excursions / school trips a lot safer for young children through our product, The Tag Strap.

The Tag Strap

The Tag Strap was specifically designed to enhance the safety of young children whilst out on excursions. The Tag Strap is aimed at both nursery and primary school children. The Tag Strap enables teachers & support workers to look after their children to a much higher level than ever before.

Children have difficulty in using the road safely because they:

  • May concentrate for only short periods of time
  • Are unable to judge speed and distance accurately
  • May notice only one thing at a time e.g. vehicles travelling on one side of the road only      
  • Have trouble working out where sounds come from
  • Are small and cannot see over cars and bushes and drivers often cannot see children
  • Are on the move and may forget to stop at a kerb
  • Have a reduced ability to notice objects in their side vision
  • May imitate inappropriate adult behaviour such as running across the road

The Tag Strap assists in the safe transportation of up to 20 children at one time, with its individual tags each child will have the same level of safety, the main strap is fluorescent yellow, this is yet another advantage of The Tag Strap as it makes vehicles on the road aware that children are around and that they may be crossing.

Health and Safety

The Tag Strap was designed and is also manufactured in the UK, it is extremely durable, anti bacterial and waterproof. The Tag Strap also conforms to the European safety standards of BS EN13210: 2004

Tag Strap is a patented design that is registered to Twyford Developments Ltd of The Observatory, Cothey Way, Ryde, PO33 1QT

I welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you further as I am aware that you have over 150 nursery / primary schools in the area.


Yours Sincerely

Ross Taylor

Tel – 01983 618 187


Tagstrap is a patented design that is registered to Tagstrap, Twyford House, East Hill Road, Ryde.