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Raise money for your school by collecting empty printer cartridges and used mobile phones with our FREE nationwide recycling service.
Since 1999, here at Takeback we have been collecting used mobile phones and empty inkjet and laser printer cartridges.

We have collected these
cartridges and phones from
thousands of schools that
have joined our TAKEBACK
for SCHOOLS collection
program, raising much
needed funds and saving
millions of tonnes of waste
from going to landfill.

Our innovative collection and
recycling programs also helps
teach the pupils about
recycling, and can form a key
part of an Eco-Schools

We have a very simple scheme
that pays for a large variety of
printer cartridges and mobiles.
We can provide free collection
boxes for you to put around
the school. Once you have
over twenty qualifying
cartridges or phones we will
  then come and collect them
free of charge and send you a
payment back. Simple!

Through the parents you would
also encourage the children to
bring in their used cartridges
and old mobiles from home,
or for the parents to get their
workplaces involved by
Takeback collecting free of
charge directly from their
offices but with the proceeds
going to the school.

The opportunities to turn waste
into cash are endless. One of
our schools has raised over
£120,000 through our
recycling scheme. We know it
works and we know you will
raise money, so come and
join in.

For more information please
visit our web site
www.takeback.ltd.uk, call our collections team on 01842 821982 or email us at
Registered Office:  The Old Star, Church Street, Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, HP27 9AA Co Reg No. 4025749