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Online Interactive Chinese Lessons with LIVE Teachers from China based on Singapore Syllabus

The UK government is planning to ensure that children from the age of seven learn another useful language such as Chinese in order to acquire the right skills for future development.

A Singapore company, Trainwow Pte Ltd ( is the first and only online and interactive Chinese lessons service provider that combined both the strengths of Singapore quality Chinese syllabus and native and LIVE teachers from China.  Our Chinese lessons are interactive, delivered by LIVE native Chinese teachers real time to students, using our state of the art interactive virtual classrooms which enhance the learning experience.  All our Chinese lessons are developed based on the Singapore's Ministry of Education Chinese syllabus, which has good track record in nurturing bilingualism (English and Chinese) among Singapore students.

Many countries are making Chinese language learning either as a compulsory course in schools (such as Pakistan and Sri Lanka) or as an optional subject (such as Sweden, UK, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, USA, Malaysia etc). The importance of the Chinese language is increasing!

Trainwow can be your perfect partner in delivering quality Chinese lessons to your students. We hope to work with your school to provide quality Chinese lessons, based on Singapore Chinese syllabus designed by Singapore Ministry of Education.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

As there is no requirement for a traditional classroom, and we already have the Chinese syllabus and well trained native teachers ready, there is very little investment needed by your school to start Chinese lessons.

In addition, if required, we are able to customize the Chinese syllabus according to your school or country's requirements.

With our strengths in teaching Chinese, we would like to explore working with your school to provide effective Chinese lessons to your students. We would be most happy if you would like to outsource the Chinese training to us.

If your school would like to explore further, more information is available on the attached flyer or on our website at  

Or you can take a look at how our lessons are conducted at:

If need be, do email us and we can do a conference call and discuss in more details.  We are also able to arrange for a trial lesson online so that you can experience the effectiveness and quality of our online Chinese lessons.  You can attend the trial lesson in the comfort of your office without any travelling.  To show our commitment in working with your school, we are most happy to visit your school in UK in order to kick start the Chinese learning program.

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