U1 Reading Marathon

Guinness World Record Reading Challenge

The current record is held in America by 280,000 people and for us during the Reading Marathon, we are trying to exceed that phenomenally and hold the world record in England!

Dear Head of English / Literacy Coordinator / Librarian

We would be grateful if you could publicise this challenge to pupils and parents:

There are many extra-curricular activities and many are enjoyable but none will get your name in the Guinness Book of World Records EXCEPT the U1 Reading Marathon.

We are trying to set a new world record for the most entries to any sort of marathon. You can help us achieve this and at the same time be part of a record-breaking team. When we achieve this record, everybody involved will be a record-breaker and will get a record-breaking certificate. Who says you cannot hold a world record … we say you can!

All you have to do is enrol for the U1 Reading Marathon. Simply go to the registration page and complete the form.

SO IT'S SIMPLE and at the same time, with your sponsors for the read, you will contribute money to aid your schools, libraries and mobile adult literacy centres for your local community.

‘A memory for the rest of your lives - I'm a record-breaker, WOW!'


Fill out the simple registration form to get your free reading challenge starter pack which includes a t-shirt, bookmark and sponsorship form.

Registration: u1readingmarathon.co.uk/Registration.html

All data is held under the strict Data Protection Act.


  • Under 16 - £5.95
  • 16 and over - £7.95
  • Family (2 adults, 2 children) - £24
Money raised from this event goes straight back to your local community.
  • 50% raised goes to your nominated school
  • 25% raised goes to your local library
  • 25% raised goes towards a mobile library for your local area focused on adult literacy
The main aim of this event is to invest in reading facilities for the future as well as to have fun!


A sponsorship form is included in the reading challenge starter pack. The more you read, the more you raise! All sponsorship money raised goes straight back to your local community.

Included on the sponsorship form is a table to record the titles of all the books you’ve read.


We have partnered with Kindle who will be calculating the number of words read. A gold, silver and bronze medal will be allocated to the top three readers in these categories - under 6, 6 – 15 and 16+.

Guinness Book of World Records

You will automatically be entered into this World Record attempt upon registration. If the record is achieved, your name will be listed and you will receive an official certificate.

When does it all start?

The challenge begins on the 11th December 2011 and runs for 26 days till the 6th January 2012.

A date will be set after the event, assuming we would have set the new world record, where all the entrants will be invited to have a photograph taken. As we are expecting a mass number of people, there will be an aerial photograph taken. There will also be a chance to purchase the picture.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any issues or queries regarding any of the information.

Sabrina Butt

Sahara International Trading Ltd, 64 Diamond Road, Slough, Berks, SL1 1RX.