From: Variety Club Midlands

Subject: Variety Club Tea Party - Friday 27th May 2011

Dear Colleague

We all like to "do our bit" and help local charities but it can be hard in these difficult times.

Variety Club have been helping sick and dis-advantaged children for over 60 years and we are contacting friends to help us raise money for children right here in the Midlands.

We are not asking you directly for money but we would like you to join in a new event that your staff and children will enjoy and each can make a small contribution if they wish.

The attached pdf gives details of our inaugral Tea Party and we would love to hear that you are signing up for the event.

See us on Facebook at

Get your pupils to design a poster for the event and send them to us. We will choose a favourite that will be used for next year's Tea Party promotion!

Get your pupils and staff to post on our Facebook page and follow the event.

We look forward to hearing from you

Variety Club Midlands


Variety Club Midlands Region, PO Box 3612, Coventry, CV7 7ZR.  Charity Registration No 209259