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Bridging the communication gap between teacher & Pupil, eliminating voice fatigue

Vivid Acoustic Systems specialise in the field of Soundfield, a learning system designed to clarify the teachers voice for all children in the classroom environment.

Soundfield can be used in general and special education classroom environments where benefits for all are as follows.

  • Fosters a successful learning environment
  • Increases student attentiveness, participation, comprehension & test scores
  • Significantly reduces behaviour referrals
  • Helps non-native students & students with hearing impairment
  • Reduces teacher absenteeism due to voice fatigue

How Soundfield Works

Normal loudpeakers are strategically placed within the classroom, the number of speakers depending on the classroom size. The teacher uses a body-worn lapel microphone with a transmitter and the teachers voice is then evenly distributed around the classroom. This ensures that all pupils situated in the classroom hear all the content of the lesson and no unnecessary strain is placed on the teachers voice.

Please see attached PDF technical file on Soundfield

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