Volunteer Teach Kenya

Dear Head of Sixth Form / Head of Careers 

Volunteer Teach Kenya is a volunteer project in Kenya that has developed a great gap year/volunteer opportunity.

Volunteers will teach english reading to small groups of motivated students aged 9 to 12 years in a charming rural school 100 kilometers from Nairobi. It is rewarding work where volunteers will see a significant improvement by the end of their stay. While they are there they live with the Deputy Headmaster and his family and all meals are provided. The volunteers quickly become part of of the community.

The cost is low. Food and Board is £100 per month. We have a suggested donation of £650 for a one month stay. There is no gap year organization involved so all of the donation goes to the school for much needed books. We arrange to meet volunteers from their flight, organize them with phone and internet service and then take them to the school. We are available for them throughout their stay. 

We have had 6 volunteers in the past months and everyone has described it as one of the best experiences of their life and life changing in a very meaningful way. Our website is www.volunteerteachkenya.org

We have developed a "poster" (a single sheet pdf) that your school could print out and which could be put on a notice board. 

We have a website at www.volunteerteachkenya.org and we will answer all questions from teachers and students personally at info@volunteerteachkenya.org

Ali Nagel
Jane Newman

Volunteer Teach Kenya


The Sereolipi Nomadic Education Trust.  
Charity registered in England and Wales. registered No:1111240